Lasko Oscillating Table Top Fan, Portable, 3 Quiet Speeds, for Bedroom, Kitchen and Office, 17″, Bronze, R12210

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Introducing the Lasko Oscillating Table Top Fan, a compact and efficient solution to keep you cool and comfortable in any room. With its sleek bronze design, this fan effortlessly blends in with any decor while providing refreshing air circulation.

Measuring at 17 inches tall, this portable fan is the perfect size for your bedroom, kitchen, or office, ensuring no space is left untouched by its cooling breeze. Whether you need to cool down during those hot summer nights, eliminate smoke or cooking odors in the kitchen, or simply keep the air fresh and breathable in your workspace, this fan has got you covered.

Equipped with three whisper-quiet speed settings, you can easily customize the airflow according to your preferences. Choose from low, medium, or high speeds to create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation, work, or sleep. The silent operation ensures uninterrupted productivity or undisturbed sleep, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Designed for convenience, the Lasko Oscillating Table Top Fan features an oscillation function that evenly distributes cool air throughout the room. This wide-angle oscillation ensures a broader coverage area, making sure that everyone benefits from the fan’s refreshing breeze. No more worries about hot spots or stagnant air – enjoy a consistent cooling experience from every angle.

Engineered for ease of use, this fan also comes with simple controls located at the back of the unit. With just a touch of a button, you can effortlessly switch between speed settings or activate the oscillation feature. The fan’s sturdy base provides stability, preventing unnecessary vibrations or accidental tip-overs, ensuring your safety while you enjoy the pleasant airflow.

The Lasko Oscillating Table Top Fan combines functionality, style, and reliability to offer you the ultimate cooling solution for any space. So don’t sweat it out in discomfort any longer – invest in this versatile fan, and experience the comfort and tranquility you deserve. Stay cool, stay productive, and stay comfortable with the Lasko Oscillating Table Top Fan, your go-to companion for all your cooling needs.,


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